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If so please tell us by filling out the form below:

Staff members can also submit their nominations via comment card, email or internal post.

Suggestions can be emailed to: or send via internal post to:  CCSS Suggestions, c/o Sam Anderson, FD Building.

Responses will be returned and where applicable circulated and displayed within 7 days.
Personal or confidential queries should still be raised directly with your line manager.

If you have any other questions, please see the FAQs below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a staff suggestions card?

  • CCE: The staff areas of all coffee bars, and the Refectory corridor near the clocking in/out machine.
  • FSS/PCB: The kitchen area of PCB/FSS and all FSS staff areas.
  • SPA: The Edge admin office, Gryphon Centre, Weetwood and the Brownlee Centre reception/staff areas.
  • Security: The control room.
  • Cleaning: All supervisors will have cards.
  • Marketing & Comms: There are no cards for this area. Staff are asked to use the online form (above) to submit suggestions.

How do I submit a suggestion?

  • To put your suggestion forward, fill out the suggestion section on a card. You can return your card to:
    • SPA: The customer comments boxes at the Edge, Gryphon Centre, Sports Park Weetwood and the Brownlee Centre. Staff working at Cromer Terrace are asked to please fill out a suggestion card whilst down at The Edge.
    • CCE: The comments box on the wall in the Refectory corridor, near the clocking in machine. Staff working at coffee bars are asked to please fill out a suggestion card, place in an envelope and ask the supervisor to put in the comments box in the Refectory corridor when they collect the keys. Clinical sciences cards should be returned with the van drivers.
    • FSS/PCB: The comments box in the PCB kitchen.
    • Security: Malcolm Dawson in the Security Offices.
    • Cleaning: A supervisor or to the Cleaning Services Offices.
    • Marketing & Comms: Staff are asked to use the online form (above) to submit suggestions.
  • Alternatively, suggestion cards can be sent in the internal mail to CCSS Suggestions, c/o Sam Anderson.
  • Staff members can also email their suggestions to (generic team-email accounts can be used for anonymity; if you are not sure what this is, speak to your Line Manager).
  • Suggestions can also be logged online using the form above.

When will the comments boxes be checked?

The comments boxes will be checked daily by:

  • SPA: The SPA Admin Team will check the customer comments box at The Edge. Suggestion cards at Gryphon, Weetwood and the Brownlee Centre will be brought down on a regular basis by a member of staff who works across sites.
  • CCE: Geoff Tooley will check the comments box in the Refectory corridor.
  • FSS/PCB: Lisa Mitchell will check the comments box in the kitchen.

The other service areas do not have comments boxes. The cards will be collated by the relevant contact within your service (identified above) and sent via internal post to the Business Development Team to be logged on the Staff Suggestions spreadsheet, and referred to the relevant manager for response.

Who will answer my suggestion?

  • The suggestion cards with be forwarded to the relevant Manager. Managers will hand-write their responses on the card, in the ‘Manager Response’ section. A response should be written within 7 days. If a suggestion cannot be actioned or taken forward, an explanation as to why not will be given – all suggestions will be thoroughly considered.
  • Once the response has been written, this should be given back to:
    • SPA: the SPA Admin Team
    • CCE: Geoff Tooley/ Lynne Cubbon
    • FSS/PCB: Lisa Mitchell / Lynne Cubbon
    • Security: Malcolm Dawson
    • Cleaning: Janet Willis
    • Marketing & Comms: Sue Pimblett

How will I know the response to my suggestion?

The original copy of the card will be sent/given back to the person making the suggestion (if a name is given).

Please note: responses should be written by the Manager within 7 days of receiving the suggestion. However, please allow time for suggestion cards to travel across sites!

Will other people know the response to my suggestion?

If appropriate, copies of the suggestions and responses will be pinned in the following areas. The cards will remain there for a period of 3 months.

  • SPA: Staff suggestion board in The Edge staff room, or put in the pigeonhole for the Gryphon Centre, Weetwood, Brownlee Centre or Cromer.
  • CCE: On the board in Refectory corridor.
  • FSS/PCB: On the board in the kitchen.

Can I see suggestions that have been made previously?

  • SPA: A folder will be kept in The Edge staff room, and at Gryphon, Weetwood, the Brownlee Centre and Cromer with all previous suggestion/response cards (it is up to the teams at Gryphon, Weetwood and Cromer as to where to keep this folder; as long as it is accessible to all staff).
  • For other areas no paper records will be available. However, access to the CCSS spreadsheet can be given by Lynne Cubbon (

Will suggestions be recorded?

  • Copies of all suggestions cards will be held in the FD suggestions email inbox as scanned documents.
  • A central Commercial and Campus Support Services spreadsheet will be held by Lynne Cubbon with all suggestions and responses received.


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