Commercial & Campus Support Services

Reporting a Crime

If you witness a crime, or are a victim of a crime, always report it to the police and to the University Security Service. Both these organisations work together to keep Leeds students as safe and secure as possible. It should be understood that, although a security officer will take a report of crime from an aggrieved person, it is important that the person also reports the matter to the police. This is necessary for insurance purposes.

For all non-emergency situations call the police on 101. You should also telephone the University Security Service on (0113) 343 5494.

The most important pieces of information you can give the Police or Security, if you see someone acting suspiciously or committing a crime are:


DESCRIPTION of the offender  LOCATION of the offender  DIRECTION the offender is travelling in

Description of People:
Age and height (approximately)
Hair: colour, length, style, etc
Build: tall, thin, stocky
Other distinguishing features: scar, tattoo, missing fingers, etc
Description of Vehicles:
Description of driver
Number of occupants
Type: saloon, estate, van, lorry, including any displayed names



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