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Lecture Theatre Redesign

Redesign and refurbishment of Central Teaching Space


Exciting plans have now been completed for an innovative pilot programme that was delivered during summer 2016 to redesign and refurbish some of our tiered lecture theatres in the Roger Stevens, Worsley and Engineering Buildings.

The new designs have transformed our current facilities by offering a mix of collaborative teaching and learning space that contribute to the successful delivery of the University’s Digital Strategy for student education. The redesign of the lecture theatres reflect best practice in furniture, equipment and use of digital technology.

There is a guide on how to use the interactive lecture theatres on our guides page.  If you would like to learn more about the project please contact Liz Brittain at

This project is part of the £520M investment being made in a transformative campus development programme. For more information please visit the Campus Development website.

Gallery and video

You can view a gallery of the lecture theatres on the Campus Development website.


Archive of development work

Proposed Plans

Proposed plans for the new Lecture Theatre designs have been put forward. View the plans (PDF).



Our consultation phase has now concluded and we have received positive feedback from both staff and students with regards to the project. A number of briefing sessions were held from February to April 2016 including a briefing to the LUU Education Committee, the Dentistry Student Education Committee and a briefing held for Engineering teaching staff.

View the recording of the briefing session held on the 1st February 2016. (Also available at

Lecture Theatre Redesign – Briefing Notes


Project milestones


Read more about the project

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