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Leeds International Piano Competition 2018

Customer Service Excellence 2019 – 2020: Leeds International Piano Competition

Leadership policy and culture

The University of Leeds is the principal partner of the Leeds International Piano Competition (LIPC).

The competition was founded in 1961 and occurs every three years, with the semi-finals taking place in the Great Hall of the University of Leeds and the finals in Leeds Town Hall.

This is a very important event for the University of Leeds and the City of Leeds and as such, a wealth of experience is involved across all aspects of delivery.

The LIPC Operations Team and LIPC Directors work closely with internal University Services: CCSS (MEETinLEEDS, Great Food at Leeds and Cleaning Services), Estates Services and the School of Music; and externally with City hosts, Universal AV, Leeds City Council and local schools.

In 2018, Great Food at Leeds provided VIP hospitality to the jury members and took corporate bookings for daily hospitality and recitals, which were looked after in University House and 1,913 rooms by the team.

There are now 70 competitors that stay in University accommodation throughout the competition, which has risen from around 24 in previous years.

The competition attracts many ‘friends’ and supporters, some of whom have followed the competition from its inception, meaning our teams must be alive to the needs of older guests, often with mobility challenges.

The competition has been raised to a new level thanks to several improvements made in 2018:

– For the first time, the preliminary rounds were filmed and uploaded to the LIPC website by Medici. tv, which succeeded in generating huge interest

– A dinner was hosted for helpers and on the penultimate evening of the competition in the Refectory and jury members played to the 200 guests

– University of Leeds music students were hired to work as administrative assistants pre and during the competition, which gave them great insight into the logistics of the whole event and establish important connections.

In addition, an evening with Ed Balls, Sophie Raeworth and Alistair McGowan was held at the Clothworkers Concert Hall and catered by Great Food at Leeds, which proved a dazzling success as these testimonials confirm:

Customer Testimonial

“It was a superb evening. As ever the cuisine was sublime and the whole atmosphere hugely convivial and enjoyed by everyone there.”

“It was an absolutely delicious meal and we are very grateful for all your help in organising our delayed rabble and changing guestlist. The food was commented on by all attending – please do pass this along to the team. Thank you so very much for looking after us so brilliantly again.”

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