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Porter setting up the Great Hall

Customer Service Excellence 2019 – 2020: Open Days

Co-operative working with other providers, partners and communities

Five University-wide open days are held every year to encourage recruitment to the University of Leeds by promoting the campus site, Services (e.g. catering and accommodation) and the academic portfolio.

The work CCSS delivers during these events has a direct impact on the University’s strategic objective to attract first class students to Leeds. As key services within the University estate, CCSS are fundamental to the overall delivery of the event logistics and it is the experience and foresight of our teams that ensures the campus is ready to showcase its Schools, Faculties and Services.

All parts of CCSS are involved in the cross-team delivery of these core events which attract high numbers of visitors across a diverse demographic. As campus stakeholders, our staff

are charged with promoting accessible routes and ensuring supplies and services are flexible to ensure visiting guests enjoy a seamless experience.

In preparing for and delivering these customer focussed events, all our Services provide support in their own unique way, with emphasis on:

– Internal cleaning to support departments and buildings and external cleaning of the 100-acre site – Cleaning Services

– Provision of retail catering outlets (e.g. coffee bars and the Refectory) as well as flexible catering (e.g. the BBQ on the Chancellors Court) to support the flow of visitors – Great Food at Leeds

– Provision of hospitality across campus on these prestigious days to support the Faculties and Schools and to welcome the visiting public – Deli(very)

– Showcasing the sports offer at our award-winning facility. This can be crucial to recruitment due to the current focus on health and wellbeing – Sports & Physical Activity Services

– Setting up key areas, for example, Parkinson Court and liaising with key academic admissions representatives and Open Day teams to ensure the delivery of a consistent and high quality service – MEETinLEEDS

– Provision of technical support across the site, and services to Schools and key buildings around campus ensuring ease of access – Facilities Support Services

– Delivering a duty of care to all visitors on campus to ensure their safety as well as excellent customer service – Security Services

– Design and production of all open day literature and printed assets, including all marketing materials for the Faculties and Schools – Print & Copy Bureau.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the full campus experience we offer and in 2018 we organised a Farmer’s Market in the University Precinct to provide a fantastic experience for the visiting cohort.

In addition, we liaised with Leeds University Union to promote student activities by encompassing the October Light Night offering on campus, facilitating the ongoing exhibition until the end of the open day around_campus/453/light_night

Over 20,000 prospective students visited campus in 2018 for an undergraduate open day. The vital support provided by CCSS to these events demonstrates how we make a significant contribution to student recruitment, which is one of the strategic drivers set out by the University.

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