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Commercial Services Leadership Course

Customer Service Excellence 2019 – 2020: Leadership Programme

Leadership policy and culture

The CCSS Leadership Programme was developed in 2013 in collaboration with Staff Departmental Development Unit.

It was recognised that across CCSS there are a range of staff in a range of leadership roles exhibiting a multitude of skills and behaviours, and that there are some excellent leaders as well as leaders who require support and development.

The programme was developed with consideration to the following:

– The needs of leaders across CCSS as defined by completion of the SDDU diagnostic tool

– The knowledge of the Heads of Service

– Current training records of leaders across CCSS

– The competencies framework as developed by the people working group

– The CCSS leadership statements

– Feedback from each cohort.

The programme aims are linked to our staff survey results, Performance Management Framework scores, customer service scores, programme evaluation and feedback from delegates:

– Develop ideas to increase performance and address staff survey results through specific group project work

– Increase staff satisfaction, leadership skills and customer satisfaction

– Encourage collaboration across CCSS

– Develop confidence and nurture management skills.

All the workshop sessions are underpinned by leading by example, customer service excellence, CCSS values, leadership statements and group project work, mentored by a member of the CCSS Senior Management Team.

To date, 69 leaders across CCSS (between grades 4-6) have attended five cohorts of the programme, which is delivered by a mix of internal and external trainers. The cost is funded through the Facilities Directorate budget.

Feedback from delegates has been very positive and the programme has been well received across all five cohorts. Although it is difficult to make direct correlations, since the programme was first delivered there have been general improvements in customer service (Sports and Physical Activity and Cleaning Services) and staff survey results. Out of the 69 delegates that have attended, 18 (26%) staff have been promoted.

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