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Customer Service Excellence 2019 – 2020: Improving Service Level Agreement (SLA) Time

Facility Support Services (FSS) supports the University’s strategic aim of providing excellent teaching and learning by delivering excellent facilities.

We are committed to improving customer satisfaction and ensuring that technical faults are resolved as quickly as possible, so teaching and learning are not disrupted.

What feels like minutes to resolve an issue to someone behind the scenes can feel like a lifetime to an academic about to deliver a lecture to hundreds of people! In these instances, fast and efficient first-line response is critical and is something FSS takes great pride in delivering.

For more general faults to AV equipment, the ones that don’t require immediate assistance, the FSS second-line technical team resolves technical faults with the AV and IT equipment installed in 190 teaching spaces across campus.

A database is used to log and manage faults, which we previously aimed to resolve within five working days. Following analysis of our performance over the preceding 12 months, we identified the possibility of improving our commitment, and so from 1st August 2018 we have delivered and implemented an improved SLA to fix all technical faults within four working days instead of five.

Our SLA targets achieved in 2018:

– August 100%

– September 100%

– October 94%

– November 98%

– December 98%

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