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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services consists of over 350 staff, who service all the academic buildings on the main University of Leeds campus. The offices are located in the basement level of Education Building on Hilary Place.

The Section’s Mission is to provide a highly proficient, motivated and effective workforce, which is committed to providing a high standard of cleaning services in University buildings, thereby assisting the core business of the University and to create an environment which is conducive to work and aesthetically pleasing for University students, employees, and visitors.

The Cleaning Staff are responsible for the day to day cleaning of all areas within the University buildings. Duties include toilet cleaning, emptying of recycling bins, dry and damp mopping, spray cleaning, and cleaning of fixtures and fittings.

The Cleansing Team are responsible for the collection and removal of litter and leaves from the campus, mechanised sweeping of roads and pathways, dealing with emergencies e.g. floods, the collection of recyclables and carpet shampooing.

Cleaning Services are also responsible for the management of the window cleaning, waste management and pest control contracts.

If you would like to request any of our services directly, please either contact the Estates’ Helpdesk or submit a work request via SAP online.

If you have any other enquiries please contact the Cleaning Services Manager.


Cleaning Services standard

Cleaning Services operate by the Cleaning Services standard which sets out the following objectives.

To our customers we will:

Within our operations we will:

Via our staff we will:

A copy of The Disposal Procedure for Confidential Waste Paper, which provides information on how to dispose of such waste, is also available for download.


Dealing with Floods

If you experience a flood in your building please call the Estates Helpdesk on Ext 35555 giving the following information:

Please ask the helpdesk for a plumber and/or electrician to attend as all services will need to be checked for safety.

They will then contact Cleaning Services to attend to the flood water. As Cleaning Services staff are located all over campus it may take 15-20 minutes for them to get to your building. If the flood is in a laboratory area Cleaning Services will require a clearance certificate to be completed by a laboratory technician or competent person before they commence the clean up.

A copy of the clearance certificate can be found at 2b.pdf

A copy of the process for dealing with floods can be found at Floods Process Maps.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of waste paper?

Non confidential waste paper should be placed in green plastic bags, confidential papers in blue plastic bags both available from Cleaning Services Ext 33435. Please do not overfill the bags, but when ready contact the FD Helpdesk on Ext 35555 or email giving details of the number of bags for collection and the building and room number of where they are located location.

How is confidential waste paper treated differently to non confidential waste paper when it leaves my office?

Confidential waste paper is collected straight from your office by a member of the Cleansing Team and taken straight  to a locked container where it is held until the container is full. It is then taken off campus to be shredded. Non confidential waste paper in removed by the cleaners and stored in a bin in the refuse area near your building until it is moved to a central location.

I have seen a pest control problem

Contact Cleaning Services  on Ext 33432/4 to report the problem. Details of the type of pest and location of sighting will be required. Cleaning Services  will then contact the Pest Control Company and arrange for them to visit the location to deal with the issue

How often does my office get cleaned?

All offices are cleaned on a fortnightly basis. A full detailed specification can be found at …………………   If you have any issues concerning cleaning please contact Janet Willis Cleaning Services Manager

How do I report a spillage/empty toilet dispensers/cleaning issue?

For any of the above you can either contact the FD Helpdesk on Ext 35555 or or Cleaning Services Ext 33434

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